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Bent Wiper Arm


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Hi all

I recently bought new windscreen wipers as the old ones were causing bad smearing all over the screen. I have installed the new ones and they work really well apart from the driver side wiper leaves an arc of water when moving back to the resting position.

I noticed today that the wiper arm on the drivers side is ever so slightly bent. I'm not sure if the bend was in the arm before or if this is causing the arc of water.

Does anyone know how easy it would be to replace the arm or would it be worth getting a new wiper blade first to see if the first one is faulty?

Many thanks

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If it is the arm then its very easy to replace, lift up you bonnet and the wiper is held on a bolt, just make sure you put your new wiper on the exactly same place, I normally do this by placing a piece of tape under the old wiper before removing.

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Had a look at the wiper arm and there is a bend in the middle, but there is also a bend in the middle of the passenger wiper arm which would suggest it may be a design of the arm itself, although I've never noticed it before. Perhaps some other MK II Focus owners could let me know if they have this?

The blade is still leaving an arc of water and looks like the edge of the blade isn;t pressing against the screen correctly. I may try a replacement to rule this out before looking at a replacement arm!

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