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Ford Focus 2001 Blower Heater

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I have to replace the Blower Heatethr on my Focus (year 2001). It is a left hand drive model. Will a right hand drive Blower Heater be a suitable replacement? I can buy a RH drive one for £70 new, but do not want to buy it until I am sure it will fit. Thanks for any help/advice.

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Hi Mate are you sure you need to replace it? have you checked out the forum properly for other answers? Not trying to insult your intelegence but mine went off the other day (kept blowing the fuse) on checking out the forums someone suggested removing the motor and trying to spin it (sorry don't remember who, but whoever you are. Thanks!) Turns out my motor was jammed due to debris falling into it, a previous owner had removed the pollen filter, rubbish had fallen through and jammed the fan, a quick turn of impellor and shake rubbish out, small amount of lubrication and it is back up and running (though I think overload has damaged the blower resistor unit, I will be checing that out this weekend)

As far as will right hand drive fan do I will be amazed if they are different, Ford is not known for making parts specific to countries so my guess would be yes, However I would be trying the above mentioned trick first, also try putting 12 volts directly into motor if it spins then you are looking at heater blower resistor unit, a much cheaper option at around £10 on e-bay. or even better it may simply be free fan, replace fuse and you are fixed.

By the way not suprised at filter removal the car lived most of its life as a taxi, fix the important bits throw away the bits that don't matter! Pollen filters run expensive when the car covers 314,000 miles in about eight years!

Hope this helps


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