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2005 Focus 1.6 Tdci Issues.

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Hi Guys,

My first post here and I will get to the point of my technical woes.

I have a 2005 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI with some engine issues. I am aware this is the pegeout engine that from reading around is pretty common to give allot of issues.

The car is currently at 142,000 miles. I cant say much about the history pre 113k miles with exception of a new Turbo being done around 110k miles. When I took ownership of her 9 months ago I ensured every 6k miles a fresh oil change was done at our workshop. I have basically tried to keep her serviced as best as possible.

Now to the problems,

It started off with a severe lack of power, the turbo would not charge and if it did only around 2.6k RPM. So we hooked up the diagnostics (Ford ETIS) and the maf sensor was stuffed.

Recently I have had to do the following,

New MAF sensor (old one was stuffed, even trying to bring the old one back to life did not work)

New Injector in cylinder 1.

New Turbo link pipe (the T shaped part that goes between air box/Turbo and the oil breath pipe as the donut before me had over tightened the jubilee clamp which had torn a hole in the pipe).

All of the above seemed to have sorted things out pre December 2012.

I started having issues around end of December / January.

Again, more loss of power and an engine warning light. The code reader detected EGR valve failiure, so we reset this and I was waiting a couple of weeks for a new replacement one (funds are tight after xmas).

Now a few days ago the motor is not happy at all. Anywhere between 1.2k to 1.9k RPM the engine is vibrating badly with little or no performance then as soon as it hits 2.1k RPM the engine judders and the turbo kicks in (not in its usual smooth way), upon inspection 2 injectors were leaking badly (Missfire causing the performance loss?), so we have pulled them out, cleaned them up and put new washers in and put the injectors back in.

Again the same problem with the bad vibrating….. any suggestions?????.

Note the EGR is being fitted now as I speak, unfortunately I had to take the car back with just the injectors done as my son was taken into hospital so that’s why it was not done in one big hit.

Could the faulty EGR be causing this???

Do you think the injectors will need to be reseated?, if so is this a big job as the injector pits are very deep on this engine so putting something in the hole would be difficult.

Could the Turbo be on its way out AGAIN?. I know this model is cursed with turbo problems due to oil feed pipe and gause being blocked.

Fortunately I work in a huge 4x4 hire company at the head office so we have a big workshop facility with all the ford diagnostic tools.

Any help would be great as I am very desperate to get my car running ok as I am due some long cross country journeys soon and it is proving to be a nightmare.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi bikerjake

My first post here too...got 55 plate 1.6 TDCI with only 70k on clock. Had all the symptoms you describe except turbo issues so far. DPF was the major expense last year but now deleted and remapped. Immediate improvement but still lumpy delivery and vibrating around 1500 revs plus going into limp every time the throttle is pressed!

Decided to blank off the EGR valve and the blanking plate arrived yesterday. Just thought I'd try disconnecting it before getting tools out and went for test drive. Happy to report no dash lights and a better feel to power delivery across all gears. Also much reduced vibration.

Early days and may yet be disappointed but free to try and only a 2 minute job. Fingers crossed


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