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Diesel And Exhaust


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Ok guys I wish for your opinion on turning my car into a awsome sounding beast by changing the standard exhaust to a performance one ie miltec etc would this work and sound good ?

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I always thought a performance (or at least less silenced) exhaust would never work on a diesel, only making them sound like tractors.

The thing is, my Focus has the straight exhaust (chrome tip, slightly bigger outlet and not pointing at the ground under the car), and it doesn't half sound awesome at higher revs, even for a "stock" exhaust.

I reckon the right exhaust can make the modern diesels sound really good.

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You'll struggle to get a diesel to sound like a V12 petrol but I know what you mean by the sound you want...

Powerflow or longlife exhausts are built to what you want. So this will be a good way to go.

My mate has a powerflow on his fiesta TDCi, straight thru... And it sounds awesome!

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