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Ford Fiesta 1.4Tdci 52 Plate Keeps Cutting Out

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hi all new here hoping to get some help as title says got a 52 plate fiesta 1.4tdci had mot last month but since then i have had nothing but problems. i know the turbo is leaking but will be getting round to fixing that as the main problem with the car is it keeps cutting out it does have Intermittent Ignition Problem which started after the mot but when driving it can cut out sometimes can drive perfect for 20 miles or so but other times you can go 20 yards and it cuts out. for the mot had engine flushed new oil air and fuel filter and rocker cover sealed after the mot.Have had the cranck sensor replaced had my clutch bled as this was very low so thought that it was causing the car to stall but still concking out took it to fords today had a diognostic test which they thought it was the crank sensore so the garage put a new one on today as the other could of been faulty.but still stalling as you pull of go around sharp corners and sometimes when you hit pot holes any advise please starting to lose the will to live lol

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Check the basics, ensure that the connectors are all fixed, likes of the plugs and distributors etc, it sounds like the shock is throwing it out of sync which it wouldnt do if it was all fixed securely.

Going to move this to the fiesta section...

.... By the way - welcome along!

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