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Newbie Fiesta Cutting Out... Help


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Hi everyone ,i am wondering if anyone can help me i have just bought a 2004 fiesta 1.25 LX for daughter to lean to drive in , but having problems with it namely it cuts out on occasion, symptoms are while i place foot on clutch pedal revs drop and engine just cuts out ? this only happens when i have been driving at @ 60 mph and are slowing down for example turning into junction i place foot on clutch to come down gears but if i am not quick enough with gear change fault occurs! I have also noticed that tick over a bit erratic but i put that down to auto choke ? i have checked with the dash check looking for a fault code but if i read it right it flashes obd fault "none" so if anyone can point me in right direction i would be grateful before taking it to local ford dealership for them to check for any ecu updates or fault

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the advice but checked haynes manual and according to that 16v models don't have idle speed control? is this right? i take it my car has something similar but all i can see is throttle position sensor also can anyone tell me what a tmap sensor does haynes manual tell you how to remove and replace but doesnt tell you what they do so i am at a bit of a loss ? taking it to dealer on tues but if it doesnt throw up any fault codes what then?

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