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I've been gathering up filters over the last week to get the car serviced. Goin away for the weekend so just gonna leave it with the mechanic tomorrow and collect it on Monday morn. But today I thought I'd fit my Pipercross air filter and Ford pollen filter as they're handy enough.

So, had the glovebox out, fusebox dropped etc, head in the footwell looking upwards, and noticed this...


Poor quality pic, as always, but basically it's an electrical unit with a Nokia sticker on it. Took a quick look outside at my roof aerial and noticed it was different as well! Got the phone out and searched for devices and low and behold, 'Ford Audio' showed up. Was prompted to enter a code so went with the generic 0000 and I was connected!

So after 15 months ownership of the Focus, I've just discovered I have built in bluetooth connectivity! :blink: And even more embarrassing, how did I not notice it in my first week of ownership, when fitting my Parrot handsfree kit?!

Anyone any opinions on the quality of sound, both incoming and outgoing, between the built in unit and the Parrot? Will probably find this out soon enough when through use as I'll use the built in unit for the next while and get people's feedback on call quality compared to what it used to be.

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I know mate, just can't believe I didn't pick up in it before!

Time will tell I suppose on the quality front. I've the Sony headunit in my Titanium and believe it comes with uprated Speakers and that anyway, it's as much the microphone pickup for the person the other end of the line I'll be interested to hear about.

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