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Sluggish Focus St


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Just sent my st focus in for an ecu remap and since I've got it back its been alot quicker at first but now after a couple of days its bit sluggish and been hit and miss with the power. Any ideas on what's wrong or shall I get hold of the garage again?

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i would get hold of the garage , somethings going a miss by the sounds of it and its best to get them to sort it rather than search for the problem yourself

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How old is your ST and what remap did you have?

If it's an uprated remap like bluefin / dreamscience etc and the boost pressure has been increased, then I'd bet it's your solenoid boost valve is failing with the increased pressure.

Have you noticed it only boosts to 1/4 of the gauge for instance when it feels sluggish?

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Boost solenoid valve then I'd guess - I had to get a new one when I Bluefin'd mine too.

Standard Ford one is about £40 from Ford or a specialist:


Or you could go for an uprated one for £80 ish:


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