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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, club and doing this.

I have recently bought a focus estate 1.8tdi on a 52 reg and have found multiple problems.

Firstly, the fuel gauge flickers on/off but mainly stays on empty with fuel light on but i know it has plenty fuel in.

the mileage counter doesnt work.

the heater/fan doesnt work.( passenger side footwell is damp and ive heard this may have something to do with this)

front passenger door handle(external) doesnt open door

handbrake is extrememly loose and only engages when high and takes the leather cover off

boot doesnt open with the key only with internal boot button

dont have central locking fob or spare key

Now I know a couple of these I could probably sort myself with a little instruction, it would be appreciated if anyone could help/instruct me on the howto's of these repairs. I would welcome any advice and/or guidance on how to repair these faults and where to go to get a spare key and fob.


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Welcome along!

Sounds like you have a faulty instrument cluster, could be part of the recall that is no longer honoured, so you probably will require a new one.

If the heater and/or fan doesnt work at all (does it blow air at all, or just not heat / cool?) it could be just a faulty matrix. the leak could be pollen filter leak or a leak in the door seals.

The handbrake will need to be tightened, method depends on disks or drums...

boot not opening could be that the lid has been replaced and the key isnt the right one for the car, or it could be a faulty button...

you will need a spare key cutting, you should be able to code it yourself to the car, by flicking to 0 and then position II about 5 times in three seconds...

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I agree, faulty cluster.

The boot button, no central locking, and the heater problem sounds like water in the GEM module. Which would explain the water in the footwell.

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