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Has Anyone Changed Their Knob?

Andy H Dibley

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Should probably add 'gear' into that title...

Anyway, my gear knob has gone and lost a bit of the silver trim round the front edge, it bugs me. I really fancy fitting something from the Richbrook range, has anyone else done the swap?

While having a quick look this evening, the knob does just simply unscrew like most, but the gaiter seems to be stuck to the bottom, does this come off some how, if so how?

Cheers in advance!

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Hi fella,

Got it new off eBay for £12, it's a Richbrook knob. It's actually bigger than I thought it would be (suit you sir!). The hardest bit was prizing the gaiter off which took some persuasion. Once off, just unscrew the original (lefty loosey). The Richbrook comes with two lower collars, one for gaiters and one without, slip this on first, the screw down the new knob, tighten up the grub screws, slip the gaiter over the collar and insert the gear top. Supplied two, one for 5 speeds or an easy mod, make it a 6 speed!

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