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Lil Raz 93

Annoying Little Niggles!! Help Please!!

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Hey guys. There's a few things I could use some help with and I don't wanna jump in on my own cause ill just break stuff!

Firstly, my passenger front seat won't fold. When I pull the lever it makes noise but no movement, any ideas on the problem? If so please shine some light as it is doin my head in having to get out the car every time someone in the back wants to get out!!

Also, is the rumour true that 1.6tdci fiesta intercooler pipe work will fit straight onto the 1.4?

Thirdly, does anyone know where I can get a intake silicone pipe that will direct towards the front of the car? I've seen them on eBay but for the 1.6 again. Will these fit maybe?

Finally, quite a by off topic, but would anyone like to swap some wheels with me? I've got black st wheels 17 inch. Two good tyres, two about gone. Preferably some zetec s wheels or somethin like that? I'm based in leabrooks close to derby.

Any help returned is much appreciated! Thanks everyone!!

Lil Raz...

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I can maybe help you with the seat, if you havent tried already have you made sure that the latch at the bottom of the seat actually moves, if it does just try giving it a yank, otherwise i would say the seat mechanism cable is either broken loose or not connected, i think its common for them to stretch or snap because the lever at the top is a bit stiff, if the mechanism does move then see if it moves far enougto release ths latch, you might have to take off the black plastic trim, also dont forget to check the lever at the top aswell as it may have disconnected there rather than at the business end.

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