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Focus Servicing

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Hi guys,

Would like some info, as I want to have my Focus S Estate given a 12000ml service by a Ford garage.

But the thing is, I've just rung them up, and they said it will cost £225.95 !

They said that they'd drain the oil, then flush it out with some other stuff, then refill it with an additive that will help with the emissions.

So my question is, do I really need to have that extra stuff done, because if I didn't it would just cost £180.02.

They of course say they would recommend the extra stuff as it will benefit the engine, but I just wondered if I was being hoodwinked into spending money that was not necessary ?

Thanks for any advice :)

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They ask me every year if I want the fuel system cleaner (which you can buy yourself for a fraction of the cost)and the engine flush. Ive never gone for it.

If the oil is changed regularly it shouldn't need the flush either. The only extra I pay for is the second service brake fluid change.

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At the end of the day it cannot hurt to do the extras BUT i'd only have the basic service and i wouldn't ever go to a Fraud's dealership unless it relies on the warranty you have with them.

I've never had a service for any of my cars over £200.

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I took out a 3 year service agreement when I bought the car as my local Lookers have been very good. £16.75 a month equates to £603 over three years and covers all the standard stuff. The only extras would be engine flushes, fuel cleaners and aircon services and brake pads. I need none of those. 2nd service is due end of next month on this car.

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Sorry for not replying sooner.

Many thanks for all the replies :)

Well my car is now nearing the 12000 mile mark, and I'm thinking of using a non ford garage for the servicing, but I'd like to know if there is a Ford maintenance/service list I can obtain , so that the mechanic/technician can do the service as prescribed by Ford, and so that I know what needs doing.

If anyone could point me to a link or suggest where I could get a list (if one actually exists) if be most grateful :)

I thought there maybe one in the handbook, but I should have know better !

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Hi, if you look for this website FordEtis home page, you should find service schedules. Good luck

Many thanks for the link, at least now I have a better idea of what needs to be checked.

Have booked the car in to a local garage, as the guy there seemed to know about diesel engines, but they would say the things you want to hear, wouldn't they!.....lol

Thanks again :)

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