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Focus 1.6 Tdci 95 Ps


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I'm new to the forum and considering a focus 1.6 tdci (95) as a company car. I was just wanting a bit of advice.

I've been to see one at my local dealer and really like it. But, they didn't have one with this engine. I'm a bit concerned it might be a bit too slow (I do 30k miles per year), and unfortunately I'm not able to upgrade.

I haven't been able to find a review of the car with this lower output 1.6. Has anyone got any experience driving one? I'd appreciate any advice, thanks.

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Well, mine is a 2008 Econetic focus and do about 50 mile a day in it, and its comfortable on the motorway and enough grunt to overtake when needed. Although not tested it with a full load yet, but I don't see that making too much of a difference.

Oh...and Welcome :)

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I have a 110, with plenty if grunt. Okay, its not a Ferrari, but it certainly shifts when you want it to. You will probably be left wanting more power, but I very much doubt you will be needing more power. I'm not sure about the gearbox, as mine only has 5 gears. The 2.0 definitely does, however these are more expensive to run.

Mpg is very good too. You'll probably be seeing around 50-60 mpg depending on how you drive, possibly more if you're very sensible.

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