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Hi All,

Firstly I hope i'm posting this in the right place?

I am a new (and proud) owner of my first Ford (2007 Focus Climate)

However the car does have a few problems and I would be grateful of any feed back...

The passenger side window and mirror do not work... also the radio wont pick up any stations, it scans through without picking up anything?

I intend to check the fuses tomorrow in the day light just wondered if these are common problems or someone may have experienced something similar??

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welcome along!

as you already intend on checking the fuses, thats the best place to start, because its all on the left side, I would also suggest double check the relays and all is secured in the fuseboard. I had an issue where lights and wipers wouldnt work, but the fuses where fine, everything appeared to be plugged in correctly, but it was just a tiny bit loose. Anyway, after much digging around, I eventually found that by pushing it back it started to work!

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