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Buying Advice Needed

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Hello All,

I am currently looking for a Ford S Max Titanium 2.0 Tdci (twins on the way).

Most that I am lookintg at are between 2 and 3 years old and have 18 - 26K on them but a few have come up of this age with 40K+ on the clock.

My question is whether I should steer clear of the cars that have done 20K a year?

Also is it worth gettting the rarer 163bhp or should I stick with 140bhp variant?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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well im an owner of 1 for the last 14 mths,bought mine with 99.999 on the clock and now comming up to 106k,mine came with full main dealer history.mines now having a bit of a rest,

i paid 8k for mine which is a hell of a lot cheaper then most because of the mileage.

cam belt will need changing at 10 years old or 125k.

dont be put off by high mielage ones,my missus has a 60 reg zetec smax with nearly 20k on the clock,MINE runs better and is faster as its run in lol.oh and mine gets better fuel economy aswell.

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You will get a better response if you ask this question on the smax owners club website - as that's where most of the owners reside!

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137699, this is a more generic question, not necessarily needed to be directed at another website.

I will move this to the general ford section to get a bit more exposure as its a general query as to buying or avoiding high mileage vehicles, not really SMAX specific...

Anyway SamA, I would advise that 20K a year isnt too problematic, you still have a years warranty, or its just expired. It sounds like it might have been a rep's car, or just a generally high mileage runner, but that doesnt take away from the quality of the car. Are you looking to run it into the ground? if so, I would say if there are pennies between them, go for lower mileage, if there is a significant saving in the higher mileage - go for the higher, you can then get the likes of the DPF removed sooner, and continue on your merry way, it really is your choice but I personally see no reason other than to save a few quid that you couldnt go either way :)

given that you have twins on the way - you probably want more cash in your pocket at the moment.

I would suggest that if you do get a car that new, take out an extended warranty, and a Ford Service Plan with your local dealer. I havent bothered with the warranty, but they price in around £15 per month and the service plan, is about the same, but when it comes to service, your Service costs, Labour Parts etc are all included, and they tend to chuck in an MOT as well when its due.

Its really up to you though mate, whats your gut telling you?

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