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Aint It Funny How Things Turn Out!!!!!!


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Decided to find out where the annoying rattle was coming from everytime I turned the engine off.So decided to check the turbo as that seems to get the most abuse and is prone to going bang.Unbolted the heat shield and had a good tug at things but could not find anything loose.So bolted heat shield back on apart from one bolt was a nuisance to do as it was really hard to get the right angle to tighten it and it fell on to the bottom engine cover and I thought great now I have to get on my back and take the cover off etc and then try and fit the bolt.Sod it, I thought I would leave it off as the heat shield seems tight any way,so started car went for drive came back, turned off car and guess what,no rattle...Seems fate has a strange way of sorting things out...Anyone else had a similar experience?? :)

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It's a pain when that happens as your happy the rattle as gone but still not sure if it will come back or what caused it , but glad it's stopped

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