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Mis Aligned Aux Belt.


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I was just having a look under the bonnet yesturday like i do :wub: , and i saw that the aux belt isnt quite in the middle of the lowest pulley underneath the alternator its slightly squashed up against the edge of the pulley, all others are bang on and the belt isnt fraying or rubbing from what i can see, im going to have a look in a minute to see if i can shift it over one 'V' away from the edge, if i cant does it matter?



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Generally no. However... check the inside of the belt for splitting or cutting, some pulleys had a sharp edge on the outside and this can cut into the v of the belt.

The power steering belt on my old Mondeo was breaking up after 5 years so if yours is original its worth checking

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Its a newish belt only just over a month old, i looked yesturday and it is sitting in the grooves alright its just not centred, i will leave it and keep my eye on it, its got plenty of tension so i reckon it will stay, its a pain that they use stretchy belts, they seem to have a habbit or squeeking a little when its cold outside, anyway thanks for a quick response.

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