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Facelift Headlight Info


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Howdy Folks, looking in to the new headlights and apparantly DRL's to Ford are just having an automatic sidelight which I think is false advertisement, but not massively bothered if honest as I'm looking at an upgrade anyway.

Anyone know if the Titanium LED ones just plug straight in? As in do you think the plug that powers the sidelight just goes straight in the LED bit to power it? Because the LED ones have no sidelights to my knowledge, they're replaced by the bottom DRL.


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Ah sounds like it may be possible then, may just order 1 headlight just in case though :P Surprised they didn't put them in the Zetec S if honest seeing the list price is some reason higher >.< despite the drop in toys.

Thanks ^.^ god 2 months to save :P

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the leds are the sidelights as well they just dim a little to become the sidelight

So when it starts getting dark and you turn the sidelights on, you actually reduce the amount of light coming from the front of the car?!

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