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First Gear Hesitation?


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Starting to notice a throttle hesitation in first gear. Getting rather annoying when you want to pull off from roundabouts or traffic lights. For the first second the RPM seems to dip and then the car drives on as normal. Doesn't even feel like it moves during the hesitation and then BOOM car springs back to life. I tried disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and it didn't make a difference. If i try to take off slowly in first gear can't notice it as much but remember that's taking off REAL slow.

2nd year service on Tuesday adding to my list of things I'd like ford to check. You know they wasn't even going to do the break fluid change until i asked about it? They said oh, they'll be and extra 40 pounds and you can let us know if you still want this doing when you come in.... Steering column is creaking when turning as well.

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