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Confusion Over Focus Models!


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Hi there,

When I visit various websites and even read reviews on the Focus, they all point to the Style being available from 2008 even though I've got a 57 reg Style?

Seems a bit confusing as if I take this quote from one site: "Cars from 2008 are offered in a re-structured range featuring Studio, Style, Zetec and Titanium trims - plus all cars get ESP as standard."

That would suggest that any 2008+ Focus has ESP and the Style range was only introduced in 2008. So if I've got a 2007 Style (somehow) do I have ESP?

I expect the question is as confused as I am lol

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Your car is either a mk2 or mk2 facelift, as the facelift was introduced around 08 plate although there were some 57 plate face lifts. An easy way to tell which car you have is if your dash lights etc are green it is a pre facelift and if they are red its a face lifted car. If it is facelifted then go one the spec for a 2008 onwards car if not you won't have ESP.

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For the last few months of production, the mk2 pre facelift models also had red dash lights, they started fitting the oval "island" type stereo at the same time. I think it's mk2 models manafactured from march 2007 onwards that changed to red.

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