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Ford Orion 1991 - Where To Sell?

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum but hoping you can help. I'm not a car expert so please bare with me!

I have a Ford Orion 1991(?) G reg automatic in red - amazing condition and no issues. MOT till November '13. I'm wanting to sell & get something smaller but most trade-ins are only offering £100-£300. I really don't want to scrap.

Does anyone have any advice where would be a good place to sell it? Do you think it would be of interest to anyone or is it more of an euthusiasts car? I was thinking eBay?

Thanks in advance.





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Hi Hannah, Welcome Along!

As above really. It depends how quick a sale you want? Autotrader and eBay would be a better bet, as you can appeal to a wider audience, and hopefully get more attention and interest from about. Bear in mind caution for those offering to pay via paypal and then get a courier to collect the car. A more than adequate and known fraudulent effort to lift cars!

I would advise refer to the thread here and see if this helps you.

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