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How Much Is It Worth?


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Hi All,

Havent been on here in ages... we kind of run out of things we wanted to do on the car!

Just wondered how much would you value our car at?

Focus Zetec S 2.0 TDCI

59 Plate

60k Miles

FSH, Tax, MOT etc....

I cant seem to find many about to get a rough price.

We brought it last May for £9k, so guessing we have lost a lot of money now the new shape is taking over!

Great to hear what you think?

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Parkers says (for 40000k miles) part exchange of £7900, selling privately for £8500. Adjust for mileage and you should still get a bit over £7000 :). If you pay you can customise it for milage, options etc.

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The problem when PartX is they are never interested in any Mods , you could have spent loads of money on your car but they won't bump the price , Private is probaly your best option or remove some of the extras you put on and sell them privately.

At a dealer i only got 8000 for a 2010 Titanium in excellent condition , low mileage and that was with 80% of the mods still on there.

So i would return it to Stock and sell your parts

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Sorry to see you selling it,

You have done some great mods on it, hopfully the new owner carrys on to take care of it.

What are you planning to purchase?

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Thanks everyone!

Won't be selling it anytime soon, had a friend interested in buying but I don't think I want to part from it just yet!

They are desperate for it!!

I bet they are. :D

That car is well sorted, and if it was mine I'd keep it until it turned to dust and blew away. ;)

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second hand prices are high right now in the dealer book you wont get that when the prices go down again so 7k-7.5k is more than normal when people start buying new cars again and the used market goes down ide take 1k off that price

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