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I have a 1.6tdci, so use the diesel equivalent. BG244 works wonders. My car became smoother, slight power increase, and did wonders for my mum's 1.3 cdti corsa. That went from barely starting, chucking out smoke, to starting first time, every time with no smoke. I've also started using Millers diesel eco max, and I think there's a bit more power there, but I'm not sure. A few more tanks will tell, I haven't used it long.

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I once used the petrol version of what minnus used, bg44k

i was having a starting problem that randomly happened about once a month, where the car just wouldnt turn over. It would eventually start on the 4th ish try

but after i flushed the pipes out with bg44k, i havent had the problem since n the car has started 1st time every time.

Might just be a coincidence though but cant do any harm

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Another vote for BG44K

my focus had poor idling problems I tried a few of the off the shelf cleaners like Redex etc and none of them worked,a friend put me onto the BG44K and it took about a week to get the engine running smooth again,

Oh and that was over a year ago and the problems still hasnt returned

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