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Engine Noise And Interior Rattles

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Hi this may have been raised a few times and can find threads but cant seem to find any answers. If anyone has any that is

Is there something i can line under the bonnet to reduce noise inside the car from engine noise?

The boot lid seems to rattle when coming to a stopat lights etc. Now i have temp fixed this by putting some tape around the catch to give it more of a snug fit. But when the tape wears it then starts again

Is there a permanent fix to this?

Also the parcel shelf seems to be making a noise aswell. Im thinking its just vibrating on the ledges either side

Anyone been able to fix this?

Now for the most annoying, the one vibration that comes from the lower side of the windscreen. Ive been unable to work out what is causing this. There is nothing stuck down the front vent or anything.

Am i going to have to dismantle the whole dash to be able to find this one?

Also has anyone put any sort of carpet down in their boot to reduce road noise or vibrations at all? If so, what kind of stuff did you line your boot with?

Have tried Dynamat on a previous car, but this stuff is expensive and its not for audio reasons why i want to do this, its just to get the car a smooth ride really.


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First for the bonnet the ford cover is a good idea but not cheap and an engine undertray is also a good idea im at work so will send you a link when i get to the pc the boots easy remove the carpet in boot and remove the plastic cover at the catch by pulling theres a few poppers there that will fly everywhere then you need a torx bit to loosen the 2 bolts holding the catch its advisable to mark it so you kbow how much to move it then simply adjust and retighten parcel shelf pull out and apply 2 layers of electrical tape each end and refit if its vibrating on the edge i found draught exclusion foam works best

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Thanks a lot. Have done the boot now. Much better !

I have PM'd you about some mods.


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