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Need Some Input (Alloy Decisions!!!)


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Hey FOC(ers) :P

I have the off the shelf Ford Fiesta (style) 1.25 (new shape).

But I've decided to try mod it up a little bit.

Here is a photo of it just now:


I quite like the White + red look but.. I'm wanting to make my mods things that I can transfer over to a new (hopefully ford) car when I upgrade at the end of my finance.

Here's where I need some input:

What would you think looks better:

White alloy

Silver (polished) alloy.

Silver seems more generic.

I've been told to go black, but black blends in too much and looks just like steelies when driving =[

The design I'm looking at going for is the 5 point with splits (like this: http://www.alloywheels.com/6x15_Inch_Alutec_%28by_Wolfrace%29_Poison_Racing_Black_Alloy_Wheels_Only)

I'm going from 15's, hopefully to 17's and / or getting Coilovers to bring the arch to just above the wheel

All the mods I'm planning on doing:

Paint Brake Callipers red

Tint the windows*

Carbon fibre vinyl wrap the mirrors and POSSIBLY the roof (but I think the wrapping will be too far)

Aka, The main ones I'm set on are; Wheels, Brake callipers and coilovers.

But what colour of wheels??? and futhermore, Would you suggest going up to 17's? or would the coilovers be enough? (mostly to bring the ride height down like: http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk72/seanmooney17/photo%20shoot/modifiedmotorsphotoshoot029.jpg

Please forgive me for using a C***a photograph as an example :P but it's pretty much similar colours and similar to what I want to do!)

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Black wheels are very fashionable right now but does not suit all cars

I think the white wheels would suit it and stand out more / be a bit different

Silver would suit it too but look more subtle/ "ordinary"

A lot of it It depends on your taste/ what you want to achieve with it/ how subtle or radical you want to go with it

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I was considering Team Dynamic's wheels for mine if I ordered red; black with the red lip: http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/17_Inch_Team_Dynamics_Jet_RS_Alloy_Wheels__2112

Most likely if I get any, it'll be the same minus the red lip, or as above some gun-metal ones which look sweet.

Best thing to do is just find alloys you like and just make a list really.

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Thanks for the inputs Guys!

@ big Dave

I was looking at ones like that (and ones that were black with red lined around each spoke) but seen it on a car and it looked really cheap.

I'm definately not a fan of black (black with silver trim is alright)

I think I'm pushing more towards white but as mordey said, white = constantly cleaning, I only cleaned my car like 3 days ago and it's full of dirt already again! (normal road driving)

Think I'll be adding mud flaps to my list of mods!

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