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Trading Wheels...?

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Hi George,

What do you mean "trade a set of steel wheels with tyres"? - are you wanting to drive in with these in your boot, leave them on the door step and walk away with..... [fill in the blank]?

If thats the case, I would be surprised if the answer was yes...

Or do you mean trading your motor in and keeping the alloy's but leaving the steel wheels on?

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Not daft at all, I just wanted to be sure I understood what you needed!

To be honest, the dealer might do it but they would take their sweet time about it...

I would advise if you can do it yourself, just jack it up and replace each in turn. If you dont want to do it, call around a few local tyre places, for a tenner most of them would do it as its easy work :)

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For a example...

I buy a set of alloy wheels off someone? and get it swap from my steel wheels at my local TCH Ford Garage...?

George Hartas.

Hi George,

I see your question has already been answerd by jeebo,

But I would like to add;

When changing from steel rims to alloys you will require M12 x 1.5 wheel nuts with a taperd edge to sit in to the alloys,

These nuts will fit your 18mm wheel brace in your spare wheel kit as normal,

But they are required when fitting alloys,

Ford may charge an arm and a leg for them so shop around on e-bay perhaps.

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Hey Leonard.

I realised that I have asked the same question on here, but I wasn't excepting you to read it and replying it again lol.

So problem solved ! :)

No prob mate,

Just realised it was you after I had wrote the post lol,

But atleast the information is their for people searching via Google too.

Always better to ask questions on the open forum for best variety of results,

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