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Centre Console Garage Door


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You've just missed out on some on eBay, there were a few listed last week.

There are two different styles available (along with different finishes).

For your car you need the one without the 12v socket mounting hole as obviously in your car the socket is in the centre console.

The ones to fit the mk2 have the socket in the tray area so have a location for bringing the socket forward.

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just drill a hole in it. it's what i did n it works beautifully

and it means you can retain the whole thing for storage so its great for storing excess satnav wire in so its not dangling all over the dash

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thanks think im gonna buy this looks great in ur car brigante :) is it just a case off taking out the rubber piece already in and just placing this in ?

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Yes mate just pull out the rubber lining n pop this in its place

you also remove the gear leaver surround as thats what holds the garage door in place. Just grab around the edge of the surround n pull it up to unclip. Or use a flat blade screwdriver.

Its an easy job ov drilling a hole in the garage door unit too

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Bit confused actually

Going by your photo and the year of your car, it's a mk2.5

Which means it should have the garage door as standard as well as the 12v supply in the centre console as Clive says

How come yours isn't like this??

Scratch that, it appears some early mk2.5s still had the old centre console without garage door

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