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Mtx-75 Gear Sets For My U.s Focus, Help Please !


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Looks like your side of the world U.K has been using these gear boxes for almost a decade. I found tons of dealers in the U.K with race ratio "close ratio" sets.

I am trying to reduce or lower my rpms in 5th gear. The stock box has the following gear set ...

Gear ratios
First 3.67
Second 2.14
Third 1.45
Fourth 1.03
Fifth 0.81
Reverse 3.73
Final drive 3.82

I drive at 70 - 75 mph (klph ?) and the poor little 2.0l engine is at 3300 rpm Im trying to drop the rpm down to 2500 range 2200 @ 70 mph would be best.

Anyhow thanks from a yank


2013 focus 5 spd 2.0l petrol

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Hello and welcome to the furum!

Im really surprised a 2013 focus is 5-speed instead of 6 and it still uses the old mtx-75 box

To get the revs LOWER in top/5th you have to RAISE the final drive/ or make 5th/top TALLER/ HIGHER

this may make the car accelerate slower in 5th and effectively make it an overdrive

With an overdrive it may make it more relaxed/ economical "crusing" at high speed but the engine may have difficulty pulling the higher ratio up hills and put the engine/ trans under more strain (labor) rather than raise the top speed it may lower it if the engine can't pull the higher ratio and although in theory it could have a better consumpion it may be worse in practice if more throttle (having to push the gas paral harder to maintain speed) is required or you are forced to change down frequently if the crusing speed drops or you to climb a hill/ incline

California is notorious for its engine- strangling emmision compliane requirements and the engine may be a bit down on power and "gutless" compared to its european counterpart

Is it true you are not allowed turbocharged engines? that would explain why the "antique" g-box has been resserected (probably with an ancient engine to go with it) and you don't get the modern Ecoboost engines (speculation on my part)

I know much of the US has 55mph speed limits and the ratios may have been set up for that, and if you have a 70/75mpg limit the ratio may be a bit low?

or the ultimate top speed has been purposely restricted with the lower gearing?

or the "stangled"/ low emmisions engine cant pull a higher ratio?

the ratios of your car have been chsen for a reason anyway, so i would be careful - perhaps just a very slight raising of the gearing on an otherwise unmodified car would be prudent - i would certainly seek expert advice on this issue

The other thing is if you intend to modify the car/ engine for performance (ligher/ more power etc etc) or just the ratios (a lighter car would pull a higher ratio better, and an engine with better bottom end power/ torque)

It may be possible to fit a 6-speed gearbox to your car

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Welcome along!

Gearboxes are a bit out of my knowledge but you could always look as FOCA said to fit a 6 speed? since the car is designed to support up to that, it should in essence be an easy swap overall, if you are happy to pay the money for it.

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Thanks for all the hellos and info.

It really is sad the support we have got here in the states for the NA 2.0l engine. The ST has the Ecoboost and six speed, go figure.

The speed limit in my area is 55 for 5% of my driving and the other 95% 65-75 mph (120kph) ..... I drive round trip 100 mles. Yes us yanks put on the miles. The ratio on the ST is "close ratio" 6 is almost the same as mine in 5th. The auto boxes have been a nightmare here.

It would be ideal to change the 5th gear set out, but again there is little support or knowledge in the states on the MTX-75. some suggest using the Mazda3 6 spd box, again the ratio's are not far from the 5spd in the 2013.

The engine has little to no power unless it is revvvved to 6k, understand ford and the aftermarket guys here are trying to milk the ST focis ...

The mods as it stand right now for these cars, NO tune availible here for them yet. two years and nothing for the NA motor

cold air intake / or take the stock airbox lid off


Spark plugs


springs lowering

So far I have done the following


led lighting upgrade

husky all weather mats

de badged

Eibach streetline with front rear sways

I hope to be able to trade this car in for a Diesel version here in the US when they pull there head out of the asses.

I had a VW golf TDI getting 47 mpg with 330k miles on her. I really miss that car, and should have purchased another VW tdi

but diesel has become .50 more a gallon combined with $13k sticker difference for a VW. I am only getting 33 mpg in the Foci


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Hello again here are some more ideas -

You can get a quick/ short shifter for the mtx-75

Rather than taking the airbox lid off (sure, it will make more noise), you can get encapsulated cone filters with a sealed cool- air inlet (like k&ns but with a shroud) from pipercross (venom) and BMC, which don't draw warm underbonnet air (that can loose power)

iridium - tipped spark plugs are a worthwhile addition IMO, (eg NKG) with other modifications such as inlet/ exhaust, you may be able to go up a grade colder/ harder, which can reduce potential detonation with hard/ high speed use/ or if the engine has a tendency to run lean at high revs, but is more liable to foul round town (though the irridium tips help to prevent fouling)

You could have your headers ceramic- coated and or heat wrapped (helps scavenging in the exhaust and reduces underbonnet temps outside / less soak into intake etc)

The above are relatively inexpensive modifications,which are not going to increase the WHP very much, but may give it a little bit extra "zip" that could make if feel better to drive, and be the basis for more mods

Here are some more expensive ones -

The catalytic converter can be very restrictive - a sports one can help

It may be possible to get larger throttle body/s for your engine

There may be high(er) performance versions of your engine in europe, or compatible parts that can be swapped, if the gearbox dates back several years, the engie probably does too, apart from the parts, there may be specialist knowlege available about the most effective ways of tuning these engines

The head could be reworked, cranks etc balanced/ lightened, total rebuilds/ blueprinting and/ or special parts fabricated, all very expensive

Some pictures and data (hp/ torque/ even power graphs if you can get them) on the engine might help

After building tuning and driving petrol cars for years, ive gone to the dark side (deisel) now - i love the combination of 180hp, 300ft-lbs and 40mpg! (so far) :)

i like the sound petrol engines make though, and petrol is a lot cheaper in the 'States than it is here


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