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I have a 2008 2.0 tdci titanium 3 door. My brake pads are on the way out and whilst I was checking the pads today I noticed the discs are in pretty poor shape all round so figured I should replace them too. I have discs all round.

I have gone through the procedures in the manual and have all the correct tools (I think) is there any merit in swapping to braided brake hoses at the same time and of course renewing the fluid? Any common pitfalls people can fall into?

I was thinking of updating the pads and disks to ebc green stuff pads and either turbo groove or ultimate discs. Has anyone got any thoughts opinions on doing this? I am a relatively spirited driver (a bloke) and I would like a more responsive braking experience than I currently get.


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I would be careful with the abs its possible to pop a seal the rears need wound back which some find causes issues as well personalky no point going for those types of disk they are more suited to more powerfull cars i use mintex discs and pads far better than standard or standard discs and good pads

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So you recommend fitting something like EBC ultimate pads and standard discs or Mintex equivalent? I have the piston wind back tool so hopefully won't fall foul of the rear caliper issue you mention. Was also going to clean up the calipers and paint them when I had them apart.

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