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Not Having Much Luck With My Car...

Andy H Dibley

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I wasn't on the boards at the time due to login issues, but late last year (5 days before Xmas) I had a run in with a deer http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/39217-oh-deer/

After that, had an issue with a main dealer taking some paint chunks out of my bumper, as well as then finding someone had dinged my door in a car park...

So thinking not a lot else can happen to my poor car, there I am, driving home one night, only about 100m from where I had the deer incident, driving like a saint for fear of Bambi coming at me again, up ahead a car comes speeding towards me. I notice he's pretty far over the white line on my side, I move over, but he's still moving over, about two car lengths from me I have to make a pretty sharp turn to avoid what would've been a head on, the last thing I saw was it was a Red car with an R at the start of the registration. Then an almighty bang.

The bugger had completely removed my wing mirror! Add to that they hadn't stopped. I did a quick U turn and chased them down. They turned down a horrible country road where I ended up losing them for a bit as I grounded out my car on a bit. Eventually I found the car, abandoned in a farm yard, lights still on, no one around. Rang the old bill who in fairness for the area and it being so hard to found, arrived quickly and said a dog unit was on the way.

Ending the tale, they traced it straight to a work unit on site, which also happened to be the insured address of the car, but not where the registered own lived. The old bill gave me all their details, but in reality I'm very anti insurance claiming for a wing mirror. So am waiting to hear what they have to say about the situation.

Either way, ended up giving me some repairs to make...

Wing mirror before:


I managed to salvage the colour casing, which is cracked but still fitted back on. I have however dropped the new one that came with the entire assembly off at the painters.

New wing mirror fitted, straight swap over, very simple, and cheap £50 for the whole assembly, everything works though:


Now onto the bumper, it got pulled off its hangers on the passeger fender, the rawl plugs that affixe it in there got completely ripped out and dragged the thing metal down with them sadly. So it was a case of pull the liner, lower the bumper, tap the fender back into shape and turn the rawl plugs 90 degrees so they were gripping on fresh metal:


The liner was also damaged and ripped the corner tab off, so a quick repair with a bunch of zip ties:


Proper job, all back together looking handsome:



There is still a bit of damage to the underside of the bumper, but I'm thinking I could start the Zetec-S body kit with the chin spoiler that would cover all of that up...

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Good on you for chasing them down though, the police wouldnt have been able to find the car as easily if you hadnt. Sorry to hear of the misfortune though!

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Nothing worse when these type of idiots are on the road and damage your car , i hope you get it all back to as it was soon.

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crikey mate you really are having some bad luck arent you

good job on chasing em down though n your motors looking good as new again now. think you need to start giving the country roads a wide berth though

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Unfortunately this all happened on a road I live on. The bit where I decked the front bumper is a bit of track from me but again only 1/4 mile from my house.

Alright James! Nah, this all happened out Piddington way just off the A40 before Stokenchurch. Ill give you that, they were right on it, just my reference screwed them up and they ended up and the other end of some woods from where I was.

Now looking at replacing the liner for new and fitting a bumper under tray that I didn't replace after hitting the deer.

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