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Need Help With Limp Mode


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Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem so go easy this my first time on here :)

Yesterday i bought a focus 1.6 TDCi 110 XL 2006 plate, its at 112000 miles and i believe the last service was about 8k miles ago.

I bought the car and it has both the ENGINE WARNING LIGHT on and also the ENGINE SYSTEMS FAULT LIGHT on.

I bought it from an auctions and knew there was something wrong as why i paid not very much for it.

It seems to be in limp mode ( not any guts and doesn't rev beyond 3k )

I haven't had it read for faults, hopeful will tonight through a friend of my dad.

Also the turbo doesn't seem to kicking in, but it drives clean with no smoke and is quiet

I know i don't have much info but opinions are welcome as to what the possible problems are.

Thanks in advance Mike

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Probably the 1st thing to do is get the fault codes read/ invers in a fault code reader, these can be had from about £20 online, best to get a Ford compatible one

Find out what was actually done at the service, often sevice items are skipped/ left out, an oil filter change fuel filer and air filter can do the world of good, cheap patern filters can cause low oil pressure, and restrict fuel flow

I am "pro" EGR blanking, a solid stainless steel plate can help your car run better and only costs about a fiver, an FOC member, Sal, has a guide to fit one, i think its the same car (i drive a Mondeo which is completely different) cleaning out your inlet manifold can help too

I think this is the PSA engine, with the DPF, (diesel particle filter) that can give trouble, wait 'till you get the fault codes to help see what is wrong before spending money un-nessisarily


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