Fitting Electric Windows Onto Mk6 Fiesta Finnesse?

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I've had my car just under a year now and done most what I've wanted to do but one thing on my list is to fit electric windows, I've looked on many sites to see wether its possible but no exact answers. Would someone be able to answer my question if you can or not and if so what will it require?

Thanks guys


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There should be no reason why not, i take it that the door handles have the button holes blocked off with black dummies, and check thw fusebox that will probably have a fuse socket for it, and you could go to the scrapers and find the innerds from another fiesta from the same year or series, and i guess that the glass will be the same, although there may be no easy way to route the wires neatly unless you dont mind re arranging the dashboard for a while why you try, you might find it more hassle than its worth.

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