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Fitting An Aftermarket Stereo To My Fusion 2 05 Plate


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Hi all, I'm a relatively new owner of a fusion 2 05 plate, and was looking to replace the stock stereo for an aftermarket one. I've never done this before but I reckon thanks to the guides I've found on this forum, I'm now 80% of the way there. I have the fascia, cable adapters and can cut off the horizontal bars from dashboard fascia (as in this post here).

All I'm left with, and I think its more of a general car stereo fitting question rather than specific to a ford, is how to actually secure the stereo in place. After looking around, I think my stereo is missing a 'cage' and so doesn't sit properly within the new fascia. From this photo in the post I linked to above, I dont have the plastic surround for the front of the head unit that sticks out from the dash a little way. It looks like that would stop it from being pushed pack, but let you pull it forward. Is there anything else that would secure it from behind?

If it is just a cage+plastic surround I'm missing, would this one do the trick? I'm trying to do it as cheaply as possible.

Thanks for any help!

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I would recommend you buy a single din modification kit specific to the radio you intend to fit as the loom adaptors are quite specific.

(That would include the loom adaptor and aerial adaptor)

The fascia adaptor to avoid gaps and the just cut look (it includes the rear bracket to stop the radio dropping into the dash.-


With regards to the cage, pop into any Halfords or motor factors and you should be able to pick up a cage, make sure you measure the depth of the original radio so as not to get one too deep or else it'll stop the radio sitting properly in the dash.

TBH, you can go shallower than the radio depth but not deeper.

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Thanks for the help. I already had a fascia and cable adapter kit, but didn't realize the piece of plastic was for the rear of the stereo, makes sense now. I bought a cage this afternoon and think I have everything fitted and working.

One question though, is the cage supposed to be fixed to the hole in the dash/the new fascia in some way? as I have it, it can't be pushed into the dashboard (because of the rear bracket and the cage overlapping the new fascia at the front), but it can be fairly easily pulled out towards you. Is this normal?

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There should be tabs on the cage you can bend to grip into the dash.

If the cage is hitting the rear bracket it wouldn't hurt to snip out a chunk of the cage in that area in order to allow it to slide in further.

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