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1.8 Tdci Fuel Filter Seal Advice Please


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I have a 2009 1.8 TDCI Focus. When changing the fuel filter what way should the rubber seal go. Should it be UNDER the filter i.e between the filter housing and the underside of the lip at the top of the filter element or OVER the filter i.e between the screw on housing cap and the top lip of the filter element?

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Haynes states the seal should go on the filter housing then fit the filter to the lid and screw down onto the seal.


Thank you for this. I've just discovered I had it assembled incorrectly i.e. element in first, then seal. I can see now how air that would be pulled in past the threads of the filter housing screw cap could be pulled into the filter housing rather than being blocked by the seal!

I've had issues with my car misfiring and eventually losing all power (tick over revs only, no throttle response, turn off and on again and away we go with no problems). Only happens after 70 miles or so of motorway driving only, not happening on secondary road driving. I guess there is a fair vacuum built up at that speed after an hour or so that could pull in the air, even more so as the filter begins to get dirty.

I will monitor same and post back.

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Hopefully you've seen the last of problems now.

About the only problem I've ever had with the 1.8 engine is related to the fuel filter.

Everything else about the car is rock solid.

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