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Mk7 Oil Leak


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i took my 2010 1.4tdci Mk7 in for it's third service recently and was told they had spotted an oil leak. Apparently it's from a washer of some sort, but i've now been told it's in an inaccessible place and they'll need the car for 2-3 days as the "engine needs to be stripped down"

Any idea what part they might be referring to? I've not seen any leaks under the car


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Usual spots for oil-leaks.

Oilpan gasket

Crankshafts oilseal.


The only place there is a washer here is the drainplug, but that will NOT take 2-3 days to fix. More likely 15 minutes.

If they need to strip down the engine, Im guessing its the oil seal.

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