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Mk2.5 (Facelift) Diesel?


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So here is a question that might kick off quite a bit of debate.

At the moment I have a 1.6 Ti-VCT Mk 2 Focus, don't get me wrong I love the car, it's only 115 bhp and I have had a few issues with it but it's fantastic.

With the way fuel is increasing in price I have been looking at diesel facelift Foci. The question is...What diesel engine is the best?

Obviously the small the engine the more economy and the larger the engine the more power...but you can improve either with a few mods and a remap. So does anyone own any diesel versions, and if so, what common problems have you been having?

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1.8 will benefit you if you dont want to pay out for DPF servicing. Its got a bit more kick than the 1.6, but if finances are something you want to look at, you need to check the tax bracket and make sure that your happy with the amount you have to pay our dear government for using the roads!

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1.6tdci mk2.5

60 reg

21'000 on the clock

get about 51mpg on my average commute

no problems so far with DPF (owned the for just over 16 months)

low tax

and I do less than 7000 a year mileage, nice car to drive , I will most likely go for a petrol for my next car though, seen as the petrols have fairly good mpg now.

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As Sal says, need to look at your average mileage first. Diesels can be a false economy for a lot of people who assume lower fuel price equals lower cost. But the sale price is higher so you need to be doing X miles to offset this firstly.

And if it's mainly short trips there prob wouldn't be much difference in MPG anyway.

DPF issues have been mentioned, injector troubles are possible, turbo, clutch etc etc.

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1.8 isn't known for its economy, however is almost bombproof!

1.6 is very economical, torquey for a 1.6, but known to eat turbos is maintenance isn't great.. Also has DPF.

2.0, good engine, responds well to mapping, can't recall if some have DPF or not

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