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Battery Light Will Not Go Out


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not sure if anyone can help me or not but I have a 2007 fiesta, the battery went flat (lights left on all day) and a kind man jumped started me but got the wires the wrong way and flashed the battery.

It blew a 3amp fuse which I have replaced but my battery light wont go out and when the ignition is turned off and the car locked the information screen on the dash stays lit.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try and disconnect the battery for 15 minutes see if it resets the ECU, never let anyone jump your car , fords have a smart charge system that can kill your ECU on the car.

Check the Information display after it's been locked for 39 minutes see if it still stays on , I know on the Focus is stays on for a while after the car is locked

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