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We got our last car, Kia Sedona, tinted by a guy in Paisley. Met him through the Mitubishi Pajero Club forum. Nice guy and a good job. I'll get his number if it's of any use to you. EDIT: Found his number...http://www.yell.com/b/BlackOut+Tints-Window+Tinting-johnstone-PA58QS-6371822/

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The only problem I had with tints was that you have to be real careful as they scratch so easy. I am with Stoney, as soon as funds are available, I will be going with blinds...easier by design especially with kids.

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Ive never had a problem with my tints and theyre great you cant see in them atall usually. Its great if you want to use the parent/child parking spaces because If the parking attendant looks in to see if theres a child seat theres little to no chance hes going to be able see if theres a child seat on the back seats :lol: plus they look brilliant. Tints dont add alot onto your insurance premium as theyre only a visual modification.

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Tints didn't affect my insurance at all when I told them about it.

I love the look of my tints, can't comment on them being damaged because I don't have people in the back that often, maybe once a week and then its people who know not to touch the windows or i'll cry haha.

Never seen the blinds myself though, if they're a close match at a fraction of the price they could be a solution, if not permanent just temporary. Might have to look into them.

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