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Display Above Mileage Readout


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Hi. New to the forum, just got a quick question and hope someone can help me!

My car has a manual gearbox however i've noticed ones with the auto gearbox have another display

above where the mileage readout is. Just wondered if it would be possible to fit onto my car or if it would be a difficult pointless job? What does it actually do? seen photos and it looks really cool.

Hope somebody knows what i'm on about and look forward to a reply soon :)

Thank you.

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I may be wrong here, but im sure the display you refer to is just a gear indicator, 1'st 2nd, reverse etc etc. And YES it would be a pointless AND difficult task, as even replacing your instrument cluster for another one from the same model would require programming from fords, which is gonna cost you, so I'd imagine swapping it for one that isn't even designed for your car (manual gearbox) would be problematic to say the least.

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Oh right brilliant, don't think i will even attempt it in that case haha. Thanks for replying. Instant fuel readout does sound good though will have to look into it. Thanks again.

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