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Painting Plastic Bits

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Hey folks, looking at painting a few bits gloss black on my car and have a question or two on how to go about it;

- How do you prepare the parts for painting?

- What's the best stuff to use? Will Halfrauds stuff do well or is there something better?

- Best techniques to use?

Currently repainting my grill vents on my Fiesta Asian Grill as they've pitted and gone funny, and I think I have it down as far as those are concerned, but not a clue on the grill itself.

Had thought of plastidip as if it goes wrong I can just remove it, but it's a matte so wouldn't benefit me at all.


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How scratched up do I need to get the plastic for the primer to adhere to well? And I'd probably not have sanded the primer down >.< perhaps best that I learned that before actually painting my vents :P

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Do I need to sand back the paint itself before lacquering it? Got good wet and dry from metal prep for welding :P got a nice fine grit that I've used before priming.

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It's all down to how you feel the finish has gone on.

If it feels a bit bumpy then wet sand between multiple coats but don't be tempted to whack on loads of layers if you don't need to.

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Yeah, put on 2 coats of primer today, will probably rub them back tomorrow and put another coat on, then let it dry for painting on Thursday; thanks ^.^

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