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Dual Mass Flywheel


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Hi ... I have a 56 plate 1.8 TDCI zetec 56K from new ... I have had NO major issues ....reading the dual mass flywheel issues, have I been lucky?

BTW I have had a 140 BHP remapp and I tow a 6 berth caravan

The reason I ask, i'm lucling to get either the 163 or 200 Titanium, BUT the 1.8 TDCI is so good ,,, I'm fing little motivation to swap ....



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My 1.8 TDCI is just over 81k now and still going strong, no problems with flywheel or clutch.

Good to hear ..... as stated I tow a 6 berth van .... and have done for 4 seasons now ..... still going strong (infamous last words maybe)!

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I think a lot of it is to do with driving style, a smooth change and a mechanically sympathetic driver probably helps the DMF last, even when towing, also, i think letting it "labor" puts the DMF under stress also

If the 200 is the 2.2L, same as the Mondeo its a great engine, fast, pretty torquey, and economical, the 2.0L 163 is a bit "gutless", and the 2.0L 140 torque-ier at low revs, and better on the road, apparently, (its the torque output and the shape of the torque curve that is important, rarher than peak power figures ie - the 2.0L has the same power output as your remapped 1.8 (140) "on paper" but would probably pull the caravan better )

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