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Help With What Service Items Required Please - Fiesta Zetec 2007


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Hi, I am hoping to get some help here on what items to purchase to service a 2007 ford fiesta 1.4 zetec.

I am getting the service done as a homer and the mechanic is not a
Ford mech so I wanted to make sure I had all the parts present for the

The car was last serviced just over a year ago and the spark plugs were changed. Am I right in thinking that these are changed infrequently?

I was thinking I needed to get:


oil filter

air filter - not sure how often this should get changed?

pollen filter - is this the same as air filter - does the car have one?? can anyone advise

brake fluid? again not sure if it would be required - does this get done within a set time or mileage covered?

coolant replaced?? I topped up the coolant before this winter as the
level was near the minimum - is a top up ok or should it get flushed out
and replaced?

Have I missed anything??

The car has done a very low mileage - currently sitting around 19k I think and has covered app 4k since last service.

Would really appreciate any advice so I can be organised!

I have posted my query on maintenance section also so hopefully someone will pick it up and be able to help

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Obviously the spark plugs dont want changing, and i have seen in the book for my Mk6 ford reccomend brake fluid i think its 10,000 miles or 6 years or something along those lines, at only 19k though i would have an oil change, air filter, and a quick look at the brakes, as for pollen filter its a cabin air cleaner, and probably wont need changing unless you drive through a lot of smoke or dense air, so in order of importance i would go:

  1. oil + Filter
  2. Air Filter
  3. Brake system strip down and rebuild ( wheel off + disc and pad check)
  4. Fluid level checks (part of a good service of a mechanic)
  5. battery and Alternator check (as above)
  6. Tyre pressure

That is what my garage offers as part of a full service and probably what i would try and do myself if i had my own drive or garage, if you insist on ford parts you wont get much change out of £80 for oil and filters, and you will probably be looking at 2-3 hours of labour. If your on a tight budget i wouldn't mess with ford parts aftermarket will be okay, and very often offer a higher quality than the ford bits.

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Thanks very much for that information. I have checked my last parts invoice and the spark plugs and pollen filter were changed at the last service app 1.5 years ago.

I was going to go for ford parts but will check out aftermarket also.

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