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Fiesta 2010 Discs And Pads Change


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Just a quick query.

Can anyone confirm for me if a 7mm allen key is required for changing discs and pads on the Fiesta 2010?

I know most Fords do have these but just want to be sure.

Also if anyone knows the recommended torque setting for them that would be great?

Many thanks


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Oh right ok. I will need to check that when they turn up. I have just ordered a discs and pads set from eBay.

If its a star/torx headed bolt then thats fine.

Thanks for the info.

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Hi guys quick question. Any got the torque settings for the carrier bolts on the front discs?

Haven't been able to get my hands on a Haynes manual and will be doing the discs and pads tomorrow morning come sunshine or snow! :P



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