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Starts Second Time


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Evening all,

Have a 3 door mk2 2.0 TDCI 05 reg. Had the car two years, occasional issue with car starting after a short journey (engine would sound like it half started up, and then glow plug light flashes). Without fail, it would start on second attempt.

Recently, the car has been failing to start from cold first time (becoming more of a constant issue). No matter how long you crank on the first attempt, it will not start. Without fail, second attempt will start.

Are these two issues related?

Car had a service last month (all filters replaced), garage stated no errors were found, so did not change the glow plugs. I now have a set of glow plugs, cam belt and kit, and also a water pump (that got weaker and eventually gave up over a two week period), these are due to be fitted tomorrow.

If the glow plugs are not the cause of the main issue, what do I look at next?


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Injectors could be on their way out...

Would an injector cleaner be of any help if this is the case?

Been using 'supermarket' fuel for the past couple years, short journeys etc.

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