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Tdci 1.6 Mk2 Injector Sealing Washer Size


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Can anybody tell me the size of the sealing washer for the diesel injector on a MK2 1.6 TDCI ,07 plate.

Diameter and thickness.

I went to MVC and was told they couldn't get one as they have to be order through Ford only!

Went to indy motor factor, and he said "what size do you want?" and then pulled out a box with lots of bags in!

How easy is it to change the washer?

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Dont know what size you require but you need a special tool to unseat the washer if its stuck chances are if its been laeking it will be with carbon once its out the seat needs to be clean when i did mine i put a bit of rag taped to a flat bladed screw driver to clean the seat up get the seal out then take it to your motor factor to match up .easy enough job once you have the seal out you can get the tool for about £18 .

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Thanks for reply, I have just finished the job, 14.7 x 7.5 x 1.5 mm incase anyone is interested (was reading of bag as the guy got them out).

The old washer came out fairly easy, used a cable tie to hook it.

Cleaned the injector up with carb cleaner, it was caked in only what can be described as tar. All back together now.

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