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How To Diagnose Strut/strut Mount Failure ?


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I was wondering what do front/rear strut mount failure sounds like on a Focus ?

Coming from a VOLVO, they sound like plastic clanks, kinda like running a metal bar over steel gates. Wheel of fortune noise...

Also when tracking the wheels with a Hunter unit, should the technician straighten the wheel and adjust with the car on ? Or can he just center the wheel with car off and adjust ?

Tried to track once.... Car no longer pulls left, but the wheel is still off, even though he centered the wheel and locked it.

Why could that be ? Are they idiots ?

The tires, by the way, are new.

Car is a 03' Focus 1.6 ZETEC HATCHBACK.

Just purchased the other day, can't believe I have not tried this car before.

Simply WOW. It could do with nicer seats... But the engine and steering is EXCELLENT ! Much better than my S40 Turbo.

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Tracking should be a 4 wheel alignment car should be on the plates then centred then adjusted strut mounts are difficult to diagnose on the focus usually youll hear a clunk but the anti roll bar bushes make the same noise

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