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New Ford Fiesta Power Folding Mirrors


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Hi all!

I picked up my new 2013 Ford Fiesta on the 1st of March and absolutely love it.

I think I may have an issue though, not sure if it's the car, or I'm just being stupid.

I have the Ford Fiesta 1.0L 125ps Titanium and I thought that the mirrors were meant to fold in automatically when you lock the car, however mine don't. Am I right in saying they are meant to? Or is this only an option for models above the Titanium? (Friend got the Titanium X and his did it automatically)

I've searched on the internet and I'm not really able to find the answer, therefore I'm now coming to the experts!

If they are meant to fold automatically, is there something really stupid that I've missed?

Thanks all,


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Mine is a 2009 Titanium and they do, check within the cars options menu to check if the option is turned on or off and there "should" be an option for this.


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Haha okay so it was just me being stupid!

Thanks guys! Been out to the car and yep, it was switched off! I'd been through that menu at least half a dozen times and missed it... idiot...

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