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Suspension Bushes

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Hi all, had a knocking noise on the back of my focus for a while now and decided to get it looked at this morning.

put the car up on the ramps and been told i need new anti roll bar bushes, suspension bushes and dog bone bushes!

What i would like to know is if i leave it any longer will it do any more damage to anything else? Haven't got any prices yet but it sounds like it will be very expensive.

Also they have said the sub frame has to be removed in order to do the job, don't know if it would be any cheaper at a main dealer because i know they sometimes have special tools so they won't have to remove the sub frame?

hope to get a reply soon, many thanks.

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take it to ford not as thay have special tools but the so called dog bone bolts and rear bush bolts will be ceased solid independants will cut the bolts off damaging other parts that you wouldnt otherwise need it can be done 2 ways if the bolts are ceased they will drop the rear subframe down and do the job that way even the main dealer will go down this route

will it do damage the handling will just dissapear on the rear and its a job that if that bad really should be done ford charged around £200 to do the rear upper bushes alone that was me supplying the bushes so ide budget around £500 for all the work trust me an independant will say they can do it cheaper then say you need more and more bits as they damage them cutting them off cheapest way is to buy the parts from ebay and have the dealer fit them and do the 4 wheel alignment

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Ok that's brilliant, pretty much covered everything there :)

Thanks for your help.

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