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Dmf Or Solid Flywheel


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Hi all, this is my first post, I have a 2006 Focus 1.8 tdci with 111k on the clock, clutch is slipping and had a noise coming from engine bay and 2 mechanic ( one a ford mechanic) said the noise was the thrust bearing so new clutch. I am buying the parts myself and a mate is fitting it for £120 but need to know if mine is a solid or dmf flywheel, is it possible to know this before taking the car to bits?? and i see you can change from dmf to solid. what is peoples thinking on this too?? thanks

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You definitely have a DMF.

There are many arguments for and against solid flywheel conversions but my understanding of the facts are that with a SMF conversion you end up with more vibration and premature clutch wear and higher costs.

The DMF is designed to smooth the running of a modern diesel engine and reduces the chugging black cab effect previously experienced with older diesels.

Some facts for you to chew over.-






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Thanks for that! I think i will stick with DMF just to be safe. What is your thinking on a used DMF, been quoted £92 delivered with a 6 month guarantee? I know 6 months on a clutch is nothing but i suppose it depends on how many miles the car it has come of has done? Otherwise i am looking at about £250 for a new one!

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