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Terraclean Seems To Be Spreading

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Recently noticed that the Terraclean system as shown in Wheeler Dealers is now being advertised on TV.

Edd China is plugging it in a big way and seems very keen on the system.

Apparently it's also available for diesels now.

Has anyone either had the treatment or might be considering it?

I'm not advertising or endorsing it but thought members here may like the look of it, testimonials seem to support the fact that it does wonders with blocked DPF's and borderline MOT emission tests.


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Well I've taken the leap and booked my car in for the Terraclean service on Thursday, £85+ VAT.

It will take about an hour including setting up and the run through.

I will post up results/observations/etc. when the jobs done.

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So am I. :d

I'll probably get chucked out for taking too many photos and asking bone questions.

Maybe I need to take a dictaphone or a notebook to do a proper interview :p

Maybe if I explain it's for a review on a car forum they'll allow me access all areas and knock off the vat (I wish).

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Update on the Terraclean process-

Had the service done today and have to say that first impressions are very good.

Driving to the garage was a steady 60 mph returning 42.4 mpg.

Car taken into bay and plumbed in to the machine.

Mechanic bypassed the fuel filter and ran diesel directly to the machine (on petrol cars the machine uses it's own fluid) and then to the injectors (the machine has it's own fuel filter).

Machine powered from the car battery and started up with the revs set at 1500rpm

45 minutes later the machine stops and they reconnect the fuel lines (that's where the fun started, 20 minutes priming the fuel lines to get the beggar to start again.

Apparently on diesels the system uses a fuel additive and a ammonia type mix to decarbonise the system.

Trip back home at same speed on same road returned 49.9 mpg and around town where I'm usually set at 33.4 mpg I was getting 39.6 mpg.

Suffice to say, there is already a noticeable improvement in fuel consumption and, allowing for the placebo effect, I could feel that the engine was running smoother, quieter and moving through the revs better.

Acceleration seems smoother and even allowing for my Bluefin remap felt more powerful.

I'll do a more thorough run about on various road types and driving styles over the next few days and then I can be sure that there are real gains.

According to the mechanics I had a yarn with, they have all done the TerraClean on their cars and in a couple of cases not told their other half's and even they noticed something was different.

Pity I already had a Bluefin done as they were offering a package of the Terraclean and a Quantum Tuning remap for £250 (bargain methinks).

(Photos removed due to dead photobucket links)

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On the phone at the moment so will look at those pics later but sounds like it was worth while did you manage to wangle the price or what was the final dent in the wallet?

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I just sent my postcode and they came back and told me I have one in sittingbourne. I cant afford it yet, but certainly bearing it in mind...

I think you have previously used it bit could be mistaken... if you had to 'compare' the terraclean to a good old tin of BG244, whats your pro's and con's for both?

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BG is quick to throw in the tank but in real terms it just cleans the fuel lines and the injectors.

Terraclean cleans and lubricates the fuel pump and then strips crap from there on.

I'm currently keeping a record of my mpg doing the same run at the same speeds and driving conditions and will post up on Thursday.

Put it this way I'm happy.

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Already the improvements are increased mpg, smoother acceleration, quieter engine and my fuel range has improved by 40 miles.

I'll post my one week findings and review on Thursday so that the car has had a fair and even test, but if the trend continues I'll be very happy indeed.

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Right, facts and figures-

Mileage between getting the Terraclean done to last average fuel reading is 228 miles.

11/04/13 - 37.9 mpg (out to garage before Terraclean)

11/04/13 - 41.1 mpg (return from garage after Terraclean)

(Both these trips were same mileage and same roads/speeds.)

The following trips were each a 20 mile round trip dropping the missus to work in stop/start traffic using a combination of 30/40/70 MPH A/B roads and dual carriageway-

12/04/13 - 44.1 mpg

13/04/13 - 46.6 mpg

14/04/13 - 49.6 mpg

15/04/13 - 49.0 mpg

16/04/13 - 53.5 mpg

17/04/13 - 49.0 mpg

18/04/13 - 54.0 mpg

These figures will of course take into consideration that variations in driving speeds and throttle usage during city driving will alter fuel consumption.

As much as possible I attempted to match speed and driving styles but it's not an exact science with average MPG readings, 40 seconds longer at a roundabout or junction will skew the figures a bit.

My fuel range reading has also jumped from 370 miles to 410 miles per tank but cannot conclusively state that this was due to the service or just a nominal increase due to warmer conditions, but usually my range estimate would only go above 404 miles if I was doing a lot of motorway/A road driving and in the height of summer.

In summary, the engine feels very smooth and seems definitely quieter than before and idle level is steadier.

Better torque in low gears and I'm hitting roundabouts in low rev third gear whereas normally I'd drop to second to ensure constant power on exiting the roundabout.

First start up smoke appears reduced and car starts instantly on first turn of the key, glow plug light extinguishes faster too.

In my personal and unbiased opinion, I would recommend the service to anyone looking to improve their fuel economy and keep their engine in top condition.

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good review Clive, with any luck it will be the quality of the service and not the warmer temperatures.

Sounds like if you have the income, you should do it! but if you cant afford it yet and just want to do a quick sweep of the cars fuel systems, buy yourself BG244 / 245 (whatever they call it these days) at a quarter of the price, you will probably get a quarter of the cleanup that you would get from terraclean, but it wont be as good for all the system that is cleared out!

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Clive, as its coming up to nearly 6 months since you had this service done, how would you say your car performs today (compared to the day before, and after the teraclean service?)

Just wondering if you still really feel the effects of it?

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Sorry to drag this back up from the dead but...

I'm getting this done today on my limp moded Ford Focus with DPF!

Reading this has filled me with a bit more confidence. Hopefully this can resolve the blocked DPF issue and allow it to regen for a few more thousand miles!

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